An Early Morning Adventure: A Walk Down Tigertail Beach

Beautiful, Serene Tigertail Beach on Marco Island

Start Your Walk Early in the Morning

An early morning walk down Tigertail Beach, a 2.5 miles stretch of beautiful white sand is a great way to start the day! Walking early, especially in the hot weather season, is also more comfortable as the late morning and afternoon hours often become very hot.

Larry and I get up around 6:30 and start our walk around 7 am. We take along our water bottles, a snack, cameras, and shelling bags. Tigertail Beach offers a wide variety of shells, often lots of sand dollars, and is a serene and peaceful environment. Its location is also along the Great Florida Birding trail.

It is always good to time your Tigertail Beach walk around the tide chart . Timing your walk around the window of 2 hours before low tide and 2 hours after low tide offers the best shelling opportunities.

Shell Trees and Sand Dollars

One of Tigertail’s shelling trees is the first thing you will see on your walk. These trees offer one the perfect opportunity to hang your “shell print” on Marco Island. Find a shell with a little “hanging hole” in it and place it on the perfect spot on the tree for all to see! This is also a great place to get a beautiful picture of the shell tree with the ocean in the backdrop.

Sand Dollars Galore!

A little further along the beach walk, you will come to Sand Dollar Split, named for the many sand dollars that tend to wash up on this particular area of the beach. We literally have to step around all the sand dollars on our morning walk down Tigertail Beach. Sand Dollars are very fragile; however, with careful handling we collect them and bring them home for beautiful souvenirs of our trips to Marco Island. (We have instructions in Sea Mar Condo for cleaning and caring for your shells).

Tigertail Beach Lagoon

As you come along Tigertail Beach Lagoon, you will also notice several wading birds. The white egrets can be quite comical as they practically walk along the beach with you in their strutting fashion. Larry and I get very lucky on our walk and see a pink spoonbill (Roseate Spoonbill) in the lagoon area. This is one of my favorite birds on Marco Island, but it is not always easy to spot them.

Tigertail Beach Park and Wading Birds
Roseate Spoonbill in Tigertail Lagoon

Tigertail Lagoon is a nice place to paddleboard and it is not uncommon to see both paddleboards and kayaks in the lagoon. Many wading birds make their nests along the lagoon as well. At times during the year both least tern and black skimmers nest in large groups around the lagoon area. The best birding season is from December to March. This is the winter dry season when birdlife concentrates in the permanent bodies of water.

To Wade or Walk Around Tigertail Lagoon?

Many beachgoers take the “short cut” and wade across Tigertail lagoon to reach the beautiful white sand beach on the other side. Although very safe as the water even during high tide is around waist high, the lagoon appears to be quite “murky” because of the silt in the bottom. Walking with a shuffle is also recommended as there may be stingrays in the water at times. We also recommend wearing beach shoes. I much prefer leaving our condo and walking around the lagoon as I enjoy my beach walks over wading the lagoon waters.

A Serene and Calming Beach Walk in Early Morning

From the lagoon area, the early morning walk along Tigertail beach is peaceful, serene, and calming. You will not find a lot of other beachgoers because this is not a populated area. There are no hotels or other commercial establishments along this beach. Look to your right as you walk toward the north end of Tigertail and you will see very nice houses and a private beach area. This is the Hideaway Beach community, a private gated beach area, thus it is accessible only to residents.

Calming Blue Waters

As you continue your walk, be sure you keep an eye on the calming crystal blue waters. You may be rewarded with seeing dolphin or even a manatee. I have seen both in this area. It is also common to see lots of pelicans, osprey, and at times eagles. You will definitely be rewarded with a beauty that calms the soul.

Early Morning Walk Down Tigertail Beach
Tigertail’s Peaceful Waters
Early Morning Walk Down Tigertail Beach
The North Side of Tigertail Beach

Our Tigertail Bounty

Larry and I are rewarded with some very nice pictures, a also with a lot of sand dollars (my fav), and Florida fighting conch shells (Larry’s fav) from our walk. We also get a very perfect large banded tulip along the walk as well. On our return we encounter an osprey on a tree branch that even poses for our picture taking! Our walk takes around 3 hours although we stopped for snacks, water, and picture taking along the way. Even though we have walked this part of the beach many times, it never gets old, and perhaps even more rewarding each time.

Start Your Day with Peace and Serenity

There are few places in this world where you can see this kind of beauty and experience the peace and serenity that this 2 miles of Tigertail Beach offers. Tigertail Beach was named by Coastal Living Magazine as one of the top private beaches in the world to visit.

Early Morning Walk Down Tigertail Beach
Teresa on Tigertail beach

Sea Mar Condos are located between Tigertail Beach and South (Crescent)Beach in Marco Island, FL. In addition, we are in South Seas Northwest resort in Tower 3 and Tower 4. Our location makes it easy to visit both of these beautiful beaches while staying in first class accommodations. Our views are also some of the best on the island. Come relax in Paradise!

Visit our website for more information on Sea Mar Condo, Marco Island, FL. We want to make your vacation on Marco Island a trip of a lifetime!

Marco Island World Famous Beaches

Amazing Views

Our location at Sea Mar Condo couldn’t be better! We are located on Tigertail Beach, overlooking South (Crescent) Beach. We are also are a boat trip away from Keewaydin Island.  We want to introduce you to Marco Island’s beaches, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The largest Island in Florida’s chain known as Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island features two public beaches, as well as several offshore island beaches. For the beach-goer looking for quiet, pristine beaches and an escape from the party scene of other Gulf of Mexico beaches, Marco offers an ideal destination. Beautiful landscaped walkways and surrounding properties set Marco Island’s beaches apart. Enjoy miles of clean, uncrowded beaches of white sand and famous Marco sunsets. Marco Island’s beaches are world famous – one visit here and you will understand why.

Tigertail Beach – Hernando Drive on Marco Island

The Lagoon

The lagoon is a great place to paddle board or kayak while seeing nesting birds along the water’s edges. There is also a very nice children’s playground and sandwich concession stand located in the area.

Paddleboarding Tigertail Lagoon

Observation Tower and Fantastic Wildlife

The Observation Tower, with two levels and permanently fixed binoculars, gives unobstructed views of the lagoon and Sand Dollar Spit. It is handicap accessible from the main walkway close to the snack bar, and is open from dawn till dusk.

Black Skimmers on Tigertail Beach

The lagoon is also a great place to fish (either spinning or fly). It has many secluded areas around mangroves or shallow water towards the Big Marco Pass. It is an important rest area for migrating birds and also a major nesting site in spring and summer for several endangered species. Tigertail Beach lists as Site # 73 on the Great Florida Birding Trail. You can expect to see many types of heron, ibis, egret, black skimmers, plovers, sandpipers, willets, pelican, osprey, roseate spoonbills, and even a bald eagle. There are always mullet jumping and you may also see fiddler, horseshoe and ghost crabs and maybe three kinds of sea stars depending on how far you walk!

Café and Playground

The great benefit to this part of Tigertail Beach is that you are close to all of the facilities – restrooms, showers,  a great kids’ playground and a café that offers lunch and light snacks, beverages and ice cream. 

Sand Dollar Spit – a Magnificent Unspoiled Gulf Beach

To reach Sand Dollar Spit and the beautiful, pristine, soft sandy beach on the other side of the lagoon, you either have to wade through it, or head south some distance to where the lagoon ends and make a turn to the north. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard and make it part of a day trip. It’s a bit of a trek to walk to the spit, but it’s definitely worth it. The beach here (which abounds with seashells) is absolutely breathtaking and totally natural.

Sand Dollar Spit has changed many times and no more so than over the past three years, due to the impact of storms. The spit is so narrow in a number of places that breaches can occur, especially after strong tides. There are easy, sandy trails leading around the high water areas.

Many of Florida’s beach-nesting shorebirds face conservation challenges, but can regularly be spotted on Sand Dollar Spit and Tigertail. These include the snowy plover, least tern, black skimmer, American oyster catcher, and Wilson’s plover. Please keep your distance and never intentionally force birds to fly or run.

No two visits are ever the same in this area. You can walk for miles with just the lapping of the waves, the rustle of the sea oats and the cries of birds to keep you company. In our view, it’s the best part of the whole beach and is well worth the walk. Don’t forget to take some water and shelling bags since there are over 200 different shell varieties that can wash up on the shore.

On Tigertail Beach, the choice is Yours:

• Experience 32 acres of one of the world’s most important habitats for wintering and nesting shorebirds. Listed in the Great Florida Birding Trail Guide as one of the best all-around birding locations in southwest Florida.
• Explore the tidal lagoon. It separates the Tigertail Beach Park from the state managed Big Marco Pass Critical Wildlife Area popularly known as the Sand Dollar Spit. The lagoon is home to a wide variety of wildlife including horseshoe crabs, needle fish, Florida fighting conchs, and more.
• Enjoy the Gulf of Mexico from the Sand Dollar Spit. If you visit this site, be aware of seasonal postings designed to protect the nesting colonies. Remember to practice good birding etiquette.

South (Crescent) Beach

Marco Island Aerial Picture

Marco Island’s beautiful South Beach stretches the whole length of the west side of the island. Of course the beach is public property and open to all. It is perfect for beach walks, shelling, relaxation, sailing, and parasailing.

This beach is 3 miles of soft white-sand beach, wide and usually teaming with activity. South Marco Beach (also called Crescent Beach) also features beachfront property, lined with sabal palms and the large, luxury hotels of Marco Island. Swimmers and sunbathers populate the beach on South Marco from 8:00 a.m. until sunset each day. Crescent Beach is also a great place for beach fishing and dolphin watching.

Sunsets along this beach are unbelievable – and if you are lucky you will get to see the “Marco Flash”, a flash of deep blue or green light occurring very seldom but always just after the sun sets into the Gulf.

Resident’s Beach

This beach is private for Marco Island residents only. Actually, the beach is public, but the cafe, bath facilities, and chickee huts are private.

Keewaydin Island 

Keeywaydin Island
Keeywaydin Island

Keewaydin Island beach is only accessible by boat. However, there are day trips offered each day from Marco Island to Keewaydin by Hemmingway Water Shuttle.

Beach Hours 

Marco Island’s beaches are patrolled and are not available for overnight camping. Unless you are staying at a Marco Island beachfront resort or condo you are not permitted to enter Marco Island Beaches after 10:00pm. Marco Island, and the rest of the 10,000 islands in the Florida Everglades, is an important nesting and migrating area for birds. Wildlife and bird viewing, or “birding” is a popular outdoor activity. You should be careful not to disturb island birds and turtles when visiting Marco Island’s Beaches. Several of the island’s birds and turtles are on the endangered species list and fines are imposed for violators. Due to Marco island’s important and fragile ecosystem, dogs or pets of any kind are not allowed on any Marco Island Beaches.

Sea Mar Condo Logo

Sea Mar Condo, located at South Seas Resort on the north end of Marco Island is a 19th floor penthouse condo overlooking beautiful Crescent Beach. We welcome you to be our guests and enjoy everything that Marco Island has to offer.

Visit our website at to see our rates and availability. In addition to “Our Top 10 List of Things to do on Marco Island, our website also provides lots more information on Sea Mar Condo and Marco Island. Let us help you make the most of your Marco Island vacation!

Walking on the Beach in Marco Island

Walking Marco Island Beaches

There is nothing quite as relaxing as walking on the beach in Marco Island. It is great exercise and gives one time to reflect on how beautiful life really can be.  All your cares just float away and are replaced with a calmness that is difficult to find in this busy everyday world.

Most visitors to Marco Island come for the beauty and adventures of South (or Crescent) Beach. Others come for the peace, beauty, and serenity of Tigertail Beach. Our guests at Sea Mar Condo ( seem to like a taste of both and we are located within easy walking distance of both beaches.

Walking Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach
Tigertail Beach on Marco Island

On the map, Sea Mar Condo is located at the “1 mile” mark from Residents’ Beach. (Residents’ Beach is a private beach area for residents of the island, but anyone can walk along the shoreline in this area). If you leave from South Seas Towers and go toward Tigertail Beach you walk approximately 1.2 miles to Tigertail. You can continue beyond this point and it is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world. In fact, Coastal Living magazine named Tigertail Beach “One of the Most Beautiful Secret Beaches in the World” last year. It is best to walk this area of Marco Island in the period of 2 hours before low tide and 2 hours after low tide. Places along the walk can be difficult to maneuver during high tide, but there are easy trails leading around the high water areas that you can take. Tigertail Beach is perfect for shelling and viewing wildlife, especially wading and nesting birds. Note: Tigertail Beach is the recipient of a complete beach renourshment project. This leaves a more open lagoon area with wider beach areas.

Walking South (Crescent) Beach

Marco Island Aerial Picture
South (Crescent) Beach on Marco Island

Leaving South Seas Towers and walking toward the South end of the island takes you along Crescent or South Beach. This stretch of beach is approximately 3 miles and is lined with luxury hotels and water sports. South Beach is the perfect walk for people watching, shelling, and gazing at the beauty of this crescent shaped beach along the Gulf. The sunsets along this beach are amazing as well. During the sunset hour, it is very common for the beach to be lined with residents and visitors alike to see the spectacular colors of a Marco Island sunset.

Are you ready to go walking on the Beach in Marco Island?  If so, let us know!

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Let us help you make the most of your Marco Island vacation!