Marco Island’s Pristine Beaches

Marco Island Beaches - Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach

Marco Island’s pristine beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.  They are surrounded by blue/green Gulf of Mexico waters and the tranquility of the 10,000 islands. Marco Island has 2 beaches that are easily accessed from Sea Mar Condo. The beach to the South of our condo is “Crescent Beach (or South Beach) and is busy with water sports, hotels, condos, and people. The beach to the North of our condo is Tigertail Beach and is quiet, beautiful, serene and unpopulated by hotels and condos. They are 2 very different beaches, but each so beautiful in their own way. Marco Island is called “Paradise” by its many visitors because of the beauty of the island and the tropical weather.

Crescent Beach

Sea Mar Condo overlooks Crescent Beach,  3 1/2 miles of beautiful white sand.  It is the perfect place for relaxation, walking, shelling, or water sports. Evenings are special watching the sun set over the Beach. Many of the restaurants along the beach offer outdoor dining that is perfect for sunsets. We provide our guests with beach cabanas, chairs, a beach wagon, and beach towels.  All you need to bring is a good book and sunscreen.

Tigertail Beach and Lagoon

Tigertail Beach and Lagoon are great places to kayak, paddle board, or go shelling. This area is great for birding as heron and ibis nest along the lagoon. Tigertail is part of the Great Birding Trail and it is not uncommon to see black skimmers and other nesting birds in the area. A walk along Tigertail beach is a treat. The quiet and serene setting offers the peace that many of our guests think about when “getting away”.

Be sure to see the  “shell tree” located on the ocean side of Tigertail Beach where you can leave your own “shell print” on the island.

Marco Island Beaches - Tigertail Shell Tree
Tigertail Beach Shell Tree

Our guests enjoy Marco Island’s pristine beaches and the many forms of sea life on the island.  It is not unusual to see dolphin, manatee, pelican, and other varied bird species along the beaches.  If you are really lucky, you may even spot one of our sea turtles!

Waterfront Dining and More!

After a day at the beach and a dip in our heated pool, beachfront dining is available at Marco Island waterfront restaurants where guests can dine while watching a beautiful sunset.  Be sure to bring your camera to capture that special picture.  Most of our guests to Sea Mar Condo agree that one trip to Marco Island isn’t enough time to enjoy this special place so they come back again and again.