Corey Billy's Airboat Rides

A Day Trip with Corey Billy’s Airboat Rides

Corey Billy's Airboat Rides

Let’s leave the beach for a few hours for a day trip with Corey Billy’s Airboat Rides. This is a great adventure for the whole family and just 15 minutes from Marco Island. You can experience the Everglades history and folklore as the Seminoles lived in this 200 acre private piece of the Everglades.

What’s Unique About an Airboat Ride?

Airboats, or fan boats, cruise through the Everglades with an aircraft or automotive engine that powers a propeller enclosed within a protective metal cage. The flat bottom design, along with the above water operating system, allows easy access to the shallow swamps, marshes, and canals. of the Everglades. The ecosystem of a swamp is particularly delicate. Oftentimes life can be found right below the water’s surface, and this is why the use of airboats is so important. Corey Billie’s first concern is the preservation of the Everglades.

Guests board the state of the art airboats for a one of a kind Everglades airboat tour experience. The guides are native Floridians who will take you deep into the preserve for a tour that’s both educational and fun. Be prepared to see exotic tropical wildlife and lush plants. Guests are always prepared to see alligators!

Corey is a Native Seminole Who Knows the Everglades

The owner, Corey, is a true native Seminole who deeply appreciates the Everglades. Raised in a Seminole camp in Ochopee, Florida, he fondly recalls his childhood: gigging for fish in the canals alongside US41, chopping firewood for his family’s village, watching his mother and grandmother sew traditional clothing and cook traditional meals over an open fire, and learning his heritage and native language from his ancestors.

In 2008, Corey decided to pursue a lifelong dream to provide airboat tours of the Florida Everglades to entertain and educate people on the importance of preserving this beautiful and fragile land. His native American heritage gives him a unique understanding of the Everglades. His commitment to its preservation is a core principle at Corey Billie’s Airboat Rides.

Corey Billy's Airboat Rides
Petting a Baby Alligator at Corey Billy’s Airboat Rides


Want to Pet an Alligator?

Our niece and nephew were recently our guests at Sea Mar Condo in Marco Island and took their family on a day trip with Corey Billy’s Airboat rides. The two girls loved the alligators and the interaction with their guide. They even got to pet a baby alligator!



Corey Billie’s Airboats comfortably seat up to 10 people. Their airboats travel at up to 40 mph. The airboat rides are 45 minutes long. Parties of 10 or more must book in advance.

Hours 9am-5pm each day

20610 Tamiami Trail East
Naples, FL 34114
(239) 389-4733
Reservations are highly recommended for December-April.

A Tripadvisor Review
I have been on many Everglades tours, and this by far was my favorite place! We arrived at 2:45, bought our tickets & were on the boat by 3:00 with no waiting! It was a nice, comfortable air boat with lightly cushioned seats. Our guide was WONDERFUL!!! He stopped many times to explain what we were seeing & add a few funny stories of his own. Two alligators came right up to the boat & we were able to take fantastic pictures. Our guide even offered to take our family picture & let the kids look like they were driving the boat! They loved that!! The tour was a full 45 minutes. Afterwards we went to the back & one of the girls showed us several alligators ranging from a baby to 2 years. We were able to pet & hold each one… again, she offered to take our family picture.
My kids have said this was by far their favorite part of vacation. It is worth the money and an experience that will provide you with many memories!!

We Recommend Corey Billy’s Airboat Rides to our Guests

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