A Day Trip to Naples Zoo

A Day Trip to Naples Zoo is a wonderful adventure! Just a short 30 minute drive from Marco Island and Sea Mar Condo, the zoo is fun for kids and adults alike. Naples Zoo is a nationally accredited zoo. It is also a charitable institution that features a full day of fun activities. Plan your trip to the zoo, today!

Naples Zoo
1590 Goodlette Road
Naples, Fl 34102
Zooline: (239) 262-5409

Hours: Open 7 days a week
Monday through Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Last Ticket Sold at 4:00pm)

Zoo Exhibits

The Naples Zoo is a 1 mile long path that winds through botanical gardens past the main exhibits. The main exhibits are:

Alligator Bay

Alligator Bay – provides a home to the zoo’s American alligators. This lake is also home to many native species including herons.

Naples Zoo

African Oasis – This area houses many African animals including crested porcupines, Dorcas gazelles, greater kudus, miniature zebu, impala, African gray parrots, and leopard tortoises.  You can even hand feed a giraffe in The Giraffe Preview Exhibit.

Leopard Rock

Leopard Rock – home to both spotted and black leopards.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria – contains several islands that are home to the zoo’s primates. Visitors can view the primates up close by taking a short Primate Expedition Cruise around the lake on one of the zoo’s catamarans. The majority of the animals on these islands are on the endangered species list in the wild.

Lion’s Lair

Naples Zoo Lion

Lion’s Lair – is a mesh fenced area that is home to the zoo’s lions.

Fosas of Madagascar

Fosas of Madagascar – is home to fossas. Naples Zoo is the only zoo in the Southeast that houses fossas. The fossa is a cat-like, carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar.

Black Bear Hammock

Black Bear Hammock – is home to black bears, and consists of two separate habitats: one a natural environment and one a back yard. Viewing for both areas is from behind glass. It is also the largest black bear exhibit east of the Mississippi River.

Tiger Forest

Tiger Forest – a bamboo forest habitat for the zoo’s Malayan tigers. The Naples Zoo is a participating member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan for this species.

Backyard Habitat

Backyard Habitat – a section of the gardens set aside and certified by the National Wildlife Federation in their Backyard Wildlife Habitat (BWH) program. In addition, it includes a pool where visitors can feed the fish.

Panther Exhibit

Naples Zoo Florida Panther

Panther exhibit – home to Uno a Florida Panther. The big cat was found after having been shot between the eyes at close range and left for dead. After being nursed back to health he was brought to the zoo and put on exhibit in a environment similar to what would be his wild habitat of mostly wetlands.

There are other exhibits throughout the zoo for hyenas, Parma wallaby, blackbuck, muntjac, yellow-backed duikers, honey badgers, cheetahs, coyotes and macaws.


Naples Zoo Building

Admission Prices: Your admission supports wildlife at the Naples Zoo and in the wild.
As a nonprofit institution, no tax is charged on admission.

Parking is Free at the Naples Zoo

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